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Screenshot_20201107-060136_Chrome.jpg - Charity In Memory Of George Michael


After George Michael's untimely death on 25th December 2016, creators Tina and Katja felt they had to do something to honour their idol of thirty-something years.


The idea was to start a kind of 'eBay' dedicated exclusively to auctions of George Michael memorabilia. But instead of the 'seller' making a profit, the money would be sent to a good cause.

By auctioning George Michael memorabilia - donated by GM fans - fundraises for some of the charity organisations George supported during his lifetime.

It works because GM fans (lovelies) are generally infused with the same generous spirit as George himself. They want their spares to go to other dedicated GM fans who are building their collections, and they love that its all for a good cause. It's 100% win win.

All donations made through go straight to the charities through the fund raising platform, and is run entirely on a volunteer basis. The charities they support are Rainbow Trust Children's Charity, Macmillan Cancer Support, Terrence Higgins Trust, Childline, Project Angel Food, Comic Relief, The Elton John AIDS Foundation, Mayhew Animal Home and Cardiomyopathy. All were supported by George in his lifetime except Cardiomyopathy,  the disease which took his life. went live on Facebook in April 2017 and will continue for as long as possible - in memory of George Michael, who besides being a truly great musician, was one of the most decent and generous human beings that ever lived.

The success that now enjoys would not be possible without all the lovelies that have donated and bid on memorabilia and continue to do so. If you'd like to donate an item, just send us a PM on Facebook or an email and we'll talk you through it.

The fundraising total at the beginning of 2021 was over £130,000 and growing daily.

Founders: Tina Hindsbo and Katja Kafling

Admin: Gill Read and Vicki Mather

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